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Vehicle GPS Tracking: Set Up
Vehicle GPS Tracking: Set Up

How to enable Vehicle GPS Tracking within Housecall Pro, powered by Force Fleet Tracking

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Vehicle GPS Tracking can help you dispatch your service vehicles more efficiently, improve customer communication, and access the benefits of Fleet Management from Force Fleet Tracking.

Note: This feature works best for Pros who's techs are assigned to the same trucks each day.

Purchase Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices for your Housecall Pro Account

To Connect the Integration

Step 1: Enter Shipping Address

After you’ve updated your billing plan in Housecall Pro, you will be redirected to the Vehicle GPS Tracking app card. This is where you will enter your shipping address.

Note: You must enter your shipping address in order to receive your devices.

After you enter your shipping address, you'll receive a couple emails from our partner, Force Fleet Tracking, regarding your shipping confirmation and device installation.

Step 2: Log into Force Fleet Tracking

Once you receive your devices, there will be instructions on how to plug them in. Since you will not have a login password to Force Fleet Tracking, you will only be able to access your Force Fleet Tracking account through the magic link in Housecall Pro.

To do so, login to Housecall Pro, and click on My Apps at the top banner of the screen. Locate the Vehicle GPS Tracking app card and click Learn More.

Note: If you'd like to set up a password for your Force Fleet Tracking account, you will have to go through the "forgot password" flow on to receive direct account access. See FAQs below.

Once you place your order, it may take up to 1 business day for Force Fleet Tracking to fulfill the order. If you login to your Force Fleet Tracking account before your devices have shipped, you’ll see a message that says “Please Hold.”

As soon as Force ships your devices, you’ll receive an email confirmation which includes the shipping tracking number. Meanwhile in your Force account, you may see a screen with the pending device numbers. You will be able to activate the integration and see the full fleet management dashboard once you receive and activate your devices.

Step 3: Add Drivers to Fleet

After you've taken your trucks for a trip around the block to activate the devices, you will have to log back into your Force account to complete the set up! Vehicle data will appear in Force Fleet Tracking and you will be able to name them (for example, "Service Truck 1") in order to identify each truck on your map.

Then, click into Drivers. Your Housecall Pro employee list will populate into Force Fleet Tracking so that you can assign each tech to a vehicle.

Select ASSIGN VEHICLE next to each employee.

Select a vehicle from the available list in the dropdown.

To un-assign a driver from a vehicle, go to DRIVERS and select the driver


That's it for set up! Head over to this article to see how it works!


Can I install the devices myself or do I need professional installation?

You can install it all yourself. It’s a very simple plug and play installation. Force Fleet Tracking uses a device that plugs into the OBD-II port of any light truck, van or car manufactured since 1996.

How do I add more devices?

In your HCP account, go to Settings, and click on Billing on the left panel, then click Change Plan

Do I need to install any software?

No-there is nothing to install on your computer as Force is a cloud based solution.

Does Force have a mobile app?

Yes-Force has a mobile application which can be downloaded on your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone. Here are the steps!

1. Download the Force Fleet Tracking app on your phone

2. Open the app and click "Reset Password"

3. Enter the email address associated with your Housecall Pro account

4. Follow the prompts to set a new password and access your Force Fleet Tracking account

Is Force Fleet Tracking available in Canada and other countries besides the United States?

No, at the moment, Force is only available in the 50 United States.


For set up support, contact the Force Fleet Tracking support team at or call them at 1-806-855-8255

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