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Dashcam Video Monitoring: Overview
Dashcam Video Monitoring: Overview

Dashcam Video Monitoring powered by Force Fleet Tracking - what are they and how to purchase

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Why Dashcams?

Track, monitor, and protect your vehicles with confidence. Housecall Pro's integration with Force Fleet Tracking delivers real-time Dashcam Video Monitoring + Vehicle GPS Tracking with data driven fleet insights to help you streamline dispatching, strengthen security, and reduce maintenance expenses.

  • See what's happening inside and out of your vehicles 24/7 with event-based video capture and automatic trip recording

  • Instantly tap into live camera streams for on-demand check-ins and easily access an archive of historical clips

  • Promote driver safety by automatically recording clips of unsafe behavior and disturbances like bumps or towing

  • Protect yourself in case of accidents, insurance claims, or other disputes by recording traffic incidents with documented evidence

Force Fleet Tracking may sound familiar. That's because Housecall Pro has been partnered with them for years to bring our Pros Vehicle GPS Tracking! The incredible thing about our new Dashcams is that they include all the features that GPS Tracking has. No need for multiple devices - Dashcams has it all.

How to get Dashcams

The following steps will walk you through how to purchase your Dashcam device(s).

Click your App Store icon in the upper right corner of your HCP home page, and navigate to the Vehicle Management with Force Fleet Tracking app card.

This is where you will see detailed information on both Vehicle GPS tracking as well as Dashcam Video Monitoring.

After navigating to your Vehicle Management app card, you will click "TELL ME MORE" in the upper right corner, which will prompt you to open up a chat with a Sales Representative who will walk you through the rest of the process to purchase Dashcams.

Note: While you can purchase Vehicle GPS devices on your own, you must chat with a Sales Representative to add Dashcams to your plan.

Now that you have purchased your Dashcam(s), it's time to start the set up! Check out this help article for next steps.

Getting Dashcams if you already have Vehicle GPS Tracking

You've already been enjoying Force's Vehicle GPS Tracking devices and are ready to upgrade to Dashcam Video Monitoring - amazing! Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. All of the features in your Vehicle GPS Tracking device are also included in Dashcams. Therefore, you will need to return the same number of Vehicle GPS Tracking device(s) that you are replacing with Dashcam device(s).

  2. Your fleet can include a combination of Vehicle GPS Trackers and Dashcams in any quantity that makes sense for your business.

  3. When you chat in to purchase your Dashcam(s), the Sales Representative will walk you through how many of your Vehicle GPS Trackers you would like to replace with Dashcams. Once confirming your purchase, you will receive next steps emails from HCP and Force to walk you through returning the Vehicle GPS Trackers that you are replacing with Dashcams.

Dashcam FAQ

Q: What's included in Dashcam Video Monitoring?

A: Dashcam Video Monitoring includes all the features of Vehicle GPS Tracking (tracking in real-time on the HCP map, vehicle location on customer On My Way texts, access to Force's Vehicle Maintenance Dashboard and mobile app - which provides trip history and mileage reporting, safe driver scores, incident alerts, predictive maintenance, and more) PLUS a dual-facing HD dashcam that provides 24/7 video monitoring, event-based video capture, automatic trip recording and on-demand livestreams.

Q: If I already have a Vehicle GPS Tracker for my truck, but want to add Dashcams, can I do that?

A: Yes, and your new Dashcam(s) will include all the features you currently have with your GPS Tracker! Because of this, please be aware that you will have to send back your existing GPS Tracking device after receiving your new Dashcam(s). A penalty fee will be applied if your old devices are not returned.

Q: How much do Dashcams cost?

A: Simple setup and installation get you up and running quickly with our all-inclusive pricing - no hidden fees or contracts, and free shipping.
Dashcam Video Monitoring โ€“ $49/month per device

Q: How complicated is the installation?

A: It's easy! The Force Mobile App will make your installs simple. Once you receive your device, you can install it all by yourself. Force Fleet Tracking uses a device that plugs into the OBD-II port of any light truck, van, or car manufactured since 1996. A heavy-duty suction cup on each Dashcam makes it easy to install wherever it's convenient for your vehicle.

Q: Can I try 1 Dashcam to start?

A: Yes! Your fleet can include a combination of Vehicle GPS Trackers and Dashcams in any quantity that makes sense for your business. Plus, with no contracts or set up fees, you can upgrade the rest of your fleet at any time.

Q: Who is Force Fleet Tracking?

A: Force Fleet Tracking is an exceptionally reliable and proven service. Over the years, Force Fleet Tracking has connected more than one million trucks, vans, and cars to their platform. They meet and exceed the stringent reliability requirements of partners like T-Mobile, Audi, and Housecall Pro.

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