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Whether through job list views or custom reporting, get the data you want in Housecall Pro

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In Housecall Pro there are two ways to get the data you need about your jobs, estimates or customers. Our reporting suite allows you to create custom reporting, which can be saved and returned to, and offer a summary view of your business performance. Our new list views allow you to search through specific jobs, estimates and customers to get detailed data at the job, estimate or customer level.

Searching for Job or Customer Information

The best way to search through your jobs or customer information is through our new list views. Previously the only way to find certain information like customer notes or materials on the job was to use a dashboard report, and find creative ways to filter. Now, you will be able to use our comprehensive search, table columns and filters, and export capabilities to attain the information you need.

First - navigate to your customers list by choosing customers in your main nav bar.

From here, you can choose which set of data you would like to look through. For example, if you want to search through customer notes, stay on your customer list. If you want to search for a specific type of job, material, invoice number, etc. choose between jobs or estimates lists.

From here, you can use our search bar to find the information you are looking for. Any customers, jobs or estimates that have the search term will show up in your list.

You can use both the filter button and the edit columns button to change your table display. Using the filter will allow you to hone in your search based on criteria like tags or employees. Edit columns will allow you to adjust the data being displayed in your list.

Finally use your action menu to create an excel version of your list. From there you can filter on each column and use the data as you see fit.

Creating a New Report

For quantitative data, our reporting suite allows you to view the most important metrics that run your business. Whether you need to see incoming revenue or your techs' reviews, we have a report to help.

By navigating to our reporting tab you can find up to 40 separate out-of-the-box reports you can use instantly. Start by figuring out which data set you want to look through (customers, estimates, jobs, etc) and then determine which metric is most important in the report (revenue, average ticket size, conversion), or the best way to view your data (by date, lead source, etc).

Each of our reports allows you to update date ranges, date type, table columns, and graph type while filtering out the information that's not relevant. Once you have the report you want, you can save and go back using your Custom folder.

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