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Find answers to the most common questions related to Progress Invoicing with Housecall Pro.

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Please note that this feature is currently in a closed beta. If you are interested in Progress Invoicing, please fill out this questionnaire.

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General Information

What is Progress Invoicing in Housecall Pro?

Progress Invoicing lets you confidently manage invoicing for multi-day or multi-week jobs. If you need to collect partial payments throughout a job or have a customer who will not be paying for a full service/job in one complete payment, you can use this tool to take a percentage or fixed amount less than the job in as many invoices as you need.

This also gives you the power to set specific due terms for each invoice you send out as the work progresses.

Do I still have to use segments to progress invoice?

No, if you prefer to keep the billing all in one 'segment', use this feature to keep a record of all the invoices within the summary table.

This allows you to quickly see information like the status of your invoice, the amount the invoice was created, and much more!

Do I have a limit on how many invoices I can create for a single job?

No, at this time you can create as many invoices as needed. Keep in mind that you cannot invoice over 100% of the total job amount.

Can each invoice have its own due terms?
Yes, you can adjust each invoice you create to have its own due terms.

I don't see access to this feature in my account, how can I get it?

If you'd like to get access to this feature, please fill out this form so we can get a better understanding of your company and the features you are using.

Invoice Actions

What do the different statuses mean for the invoice?

Currently, there are 3 different statuses your invoice can be in - 'Open', 'Paid' and 'Void'.
'Open' is when the invoice has been created or created and sent and there is an outstanding balance. 'Paid' which will be shown when an invoice is fully paid. Void is an action you can take place when you have created an invoice that you no longer want to be 'Open' and payable.

If I made a mistake on my invoice and want to send the correct one to my customer, what should I do?
If you have an invoice created or sent to a customer and you'd like to be able to correct it, you will want to go ahead and void the invoice. Once that has been done, you can go ahead and create a new invoice, set it with the correct information you'd like, and follow your regular process. Keep in mind your customers will not be able to pay voided invoices.

Invoice Payments

How can I make sure an invoice I created gets paid?

When taking payment, you can follow your regular flow and mark the job paid or go directly to the 'Pay' action on the specific invoice you want to mark as paid.

We recommend using the invoice 'pay' icon when you want that specific invoice to go from 'Open' to 'Paid'.

I like to offer different payment options for my jobs. Can each invoice I create have a different payment option?
Yes, you will be able to set your payment settings ahead of sending an invoice so you can choose which payment method options you want to give to your customer. For Beta, your customers can pay invoices directly with credit/debit cards, bank transfers (ACH), and Consumer Financing with Wisetack.

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