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The HCP Assist call log provides access to all of your calls in one central location, plus makes it easy for you to view details about each call. Moreover, through our new support channel integration, you can quickly reach out for help about your HCP Assist calls.

Accessing the call log

  1. In the main nav, select Inbox. Under Inbox, you should see HCP Assist > Call Log:

Filtering on the call log

  1. On the HCP Assist call log, you will have the ability to filter by:

    1. Call Date

    2. Status (ex: Action Required, Done, etc.)

    3. Caller (either name or phone number)

    4. Caller Type (ex: Existing customer, New customer, etc.)

    5. Call Reason (ex: Estimate created, Billing question, etc.)

View more call details

  1. To see more details about your HCP Assist calls, click anywhere in the call row, and a detailed view will appear:

  2. For callers who are linked to existing customers, you can navigate to their profile from this view by clicking on “View profile" link:

  3. You can also reach out to your customer directly from the Call Details view by utilizing the "Chat” or “Call*" links:

    *Must have our Voice Solution to leverage this feature

Call log status feature

  1. When an HCP Assist agent marks your calls as Action Required, you will see that status on the respective call under the “Status" column

  2. You can also manage your internal workflows by using a pre-defined list of statuses we provide

    1. For example, you could select “Action Required" status on your own if you want someone on your team to take action on that call, or you could select “In Progress" when you (or someone in your company) are already following up with the customer

    2. You can edit the statuses via a drop-down in the call details view

Request support

  1. You can request dedicated support on specific calls via the “I need help with this call" link on the Call Details view:

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