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Google Analytics Reporting for your Website by Housecall Pro
Google Analytics Reporting for your Website by Housecall Pro

Unlock website performance reporting through Google Analytics for your new Website by Housecall Pro

Written by Joe Burkhart
Updated over a week ago

Tracking website performance using Google Analytics on your new Website by Housecall Pro

Websites by Housecall Pro are built for you, by our experts. Your builder will also set up a Google Analytics account for you so you can track the performance of your new website!

Google Analytics allows you to track critical site performance metrics including:

  1. Traffic Sources: How and where users are being driven to your website

  2. Visitor Information: Specifically geo-location of your website visitors and the type of device they are using

  3. Page Popularity: Which pages are your visits landing on and interacting with the most?

  4. Bounce Rates: Are your visitors visiting one page and leaving immediately? Or are they exploring your site’s content?

Accessing your Google Analytics Dashboard

Look out for an email from your builder that will let you know you have been added as an Admin for your Google Analytics dashboard. We've set everything up for you! You can visit Google's help center for any questions about Google Analytics.

What are the benefits of using Google Analytics to measure your website performance?

  • Built with Google's AI

    • Have AI predict user behavior and deliver actionable insights

  • See customer journeys across sites and apps

    • Gather key data, or easily import your own, for business analytics

  • Valuable campaign insights

    • Discover your best-performing ads and see results in real time when connected to Google Ads

  • Fast, robust reporting

    • Analyze data quickly and share high-impact reports easily with your team

  • Privacy-safe measurement

    • Measure activity with an event-based model that doesn't exclusively rely on cookies

  • Seamless expanded integrations

    • Connect to other Google solutions and partner products for increased efficiency

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