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How to take a payment on your Android
How to take a payment on your Android

Learn how to get paid for your services in a just a matter of seconds!

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Learn how to quickly mark a job paid from the mobile app on your Android.

From the Job screen, click "Pay" at the top of your screen.

On the checkout screen, you can adjust the amount if collecting a partial payment. You may also add in a payment note such as a check number or "paid in full."

Then click "Next"

Choose the payment type by tapping on the form of payment you are receiving.

If you choose credit card payment the screen will look like this (below).
You can manually enter the card number or scan them by clicking the camera, this only scans the card it does not take a picture (card number will not be stored in the system).

Next you can collect a signature and tip (optional). Tip is only available when taking a credit card payment.  

One you confirm payment was taken, a receipt will be sent to the customer as well as the companies support email.

Having trouble collecting from your customers? Check out these simple tips!

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