Line item photos in sales proposals (SPT 2.0)

Present service and equipment photos when presenting proposals

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You can now present the line item photos from Price Book in your proposals (created with the new Sales Proposal Tool 2.0). Don't have Sales Proposal Tool yet? Get started by signing up here.

This feature enables you to present the services and equipment you intend to offer to your customers in a visually appealing manner, which enhances the attractiveness of your proposal. As a result, your customers can better understand the services and equipment they are about to approve, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

You can present the line item photos on both web and mobile proposals.

Presenting line item photos on the web, default line item photos visibility settings

To do so, first, ensure that you're using service and material line items from your Price Book and that those line items have images added to them, for example:

Then, add the Price Book line items to your estimate:

Next, click "Present" to present your estimate as a proposal, and navigate to the option view. The line item photos will appear next to the line items names and descriptions:

You can turn on or off the visibility of the line item photos separately for services and materials using proposal settings:

You can also change the default visibility of the photos (for all proposals you create in the future) by going to your estimates default settings:

Presenting line item photos on mobile

Line item photos can also be presented on mobile, and you can turn the visibility of your images on or off using mobile proposals settings.

To present the images, open an estimate, tap the "present" button, and navigate to an option's screen:

To turn the visibility of the image on or off, go to proposals settings:

This feature works only with Sales Proposal Tool 2.0 (SPT 2.0). To learn more about this add-on, click here:

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