How can my customer approve their estimate?

Mark your estimates as approved or let your customer do it for you!

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There are multiple ways for an estimate to be approved in Housecall Pro.
The customer can approve it in person, online or
you can manually mark it as approved. 

If approving the estimate in person:

Click the 'Approve' button in the top left of the estimate details page.

After you click the 'Approve' button a separate bar will pop up with the text 'Approve an estimate'. Click 'Approve an estimate'.

On the next screen, have your customer sign the blank box to approve the estimate.

Once they sign, click the 'Done Signing' button.

Send the estimate via email or text

When using the Mobile App, tap the 'Estimate' button to the right of the 'Approve' button on the estimate detail page.

Once you click the 'Estimate' button you will be presented with a page that outlines the estimate information. If all looks well on that page tap the 'Next' button in the top right.

On the next page, you will have the option to select 'Text' or 'Email'. Choose your preferred method for sending the estimate and tap 'Send' in the upper right.

When the customer decides to Approve or Deny the estimate, you will receive the decision via email.

If the customer approves the estimate, the status will change in your account to reflect 'Customer Approved'. If the customer declines the estimate, the status of the estimate will be updated in your account to 'Customer Declined'.

Once they've made their selection(s), you will be notified via the support email on your company profile.

Manual Approval:

If a customer verbally approves the estimate, you can approve it from the web portal. 

Click on the 'Approval' action button at the top of the Estimate Details Page. You can find the 'Approval' button on the right side of the 'Send' button. After you click 'Approval' select 'Approve Estimate' from the menu that appears. 

You can also decline the estimate on the customer's behalf by clicking the 'Approval' button and selecting 'Decline Estimate'.

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