How can my customer approve their estimate?

Mark your estimates as approved or let your customer do it for you!

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There are multiple ways for an estimate to be approved in Housecall Pro.
The customer can approve it in person and online or
you can manually mark it as approved. 

If approving the estimate in person:

1. Click the 'Approve' button in the top left of the estimate details page

2. Click 'Approve estimate' in the drop down. 

3. Have your customer sign to approve when prompted

4. Once they have signed, click 'Done Signing'

Send An Email:

To get your customer or prospect's approval on an estimate, you can send them an email. In the email, they will have the option to approve or decline the estimate.
Once they've made their selection, you will be notified via email.

Manual Approval:

If a customer verbally approves the estimate, you can approve the estimate from the web portal. 

Simply click on the 'Approval' action button at the top of the Estimate Details Page and select 'Approve Estimate'. 

Note: You can also decline the estimate on the customer's behalf by clicking this button. 

To view an estimate's approvals, scroll down on the Estimates Detail Page to the 'Approvals' section in the bottom left.

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