Common QuickBooks Online Errors

Most common QuickBooks Online errors, and how you can resolve them

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The following errors are the most common errors we see here at HouseCall Pro.  Each error is outlined below with the resolution options available for each.  If your error is not displayed below, or this does not address the issue you're experiencing, please hit up the blue chat bubble.

Duplicate Name Exists Error

This error indicates that the customer in HCP is not linked to a customer with the same display name in QuickBooks Online.  To correct this error, click the blue REPROCESS button.  If this error does not clear, or the blue REPROCESS button does not disappear, please open the blue chat bubble and request it to be manually repaired.  

If you have a lot of these errors, please try to REPROCESS as many as you can, then open the blue chat bubble to correct what remains and will not self clear.

Duplicate Document Error

This error indicates that we are unable to create or update an invoice in QuickBooks Online due to the invoice number already being in use in QuickBooks Online.  

This error can happen for two reasons:

  1. This is a brand new invoice in HCP, and the duplicated invoice number in QuickBooks Online belongs to a different invoice. -- This usually indicates that either the QuickBooks Online invoice was manually added.  Or the invoice was present before you connected HCP to your Quickbooks Online account, and you did not import.  FIX: Change the invoice number in either HCP or in QuickBooks Online so they no longer collide.  Then you can click the REPROCESS button to repair and reprocess the invoice.

  2. The invoice from HCP is the same as the invoice in QuickBooks Online.  Again this could be due to manual entry on QuickBooks Online, but more than likely this reflects that the account connection between the two invoices was removed for one reason or another.  FIX: Please open the blue chat bubble to address this more difficult situation.

The tax rate XYZ% with name 'SOME NAME' from QuickBooks was not found on your QuickBooks account.

This error is usually found on invoices imported from QuickBooks Online, or a new invoice that is using a tax rate that was only added in HCP.  

To resolve this error, you need to do one of two things:

  1. Create the tax rate with the same exact name, and rate in your QuickBooks Online account.

  2. Open the invoice in HCP, and select a tax rate that you already have in both HCP and QuickBooks Online. or remove tax from the invoice all together if you have no taxable line items on the invoice.

Once one of those two steps have been completed, you can click the REPROCESS button.  

A business validation error has occurred while processing your request: Business Validation Error: This name is being used by another vendor. Please use a different name. You can merge names only when their type (customer, vendor or employee) matches.

This error is occurring because the name of the customer for this invoice is also set up as a vendor in your QuickBooks Online account.

To resolve this error, you need to update the QuickBooks Display Name in HCP (located on the customer profile) to something else that doesn’t collide with the vendor name. Once you have changed the display name within your Housecall Pro account, click REPROCESS.

Account Period Closed, Cannot Update Through Services API

This error indicates that we are trying to update an invoice that was previously sent to QuickBooks Online from HCP.  The error indicates that the invoice was added to an accounting period in QuickBooks Online and that accounting period was marked closed in QuickBooks Online.

To fix this issue, you will need to reopen the accounting period in QuickBooks Online, then click the REPROCESS button.  However, if the invoice is squared away in QuickBooks Online, you can open the blue chat bubble and simply request for us to remove the error.

Line items At least 1 line item is required

This error indicates we are attempting to send an invoice that has no service items.  A service item may be added and the REPROCESS button can be clicked to resolve this error.  If you have no intention of adding any service items, please open the blue chat bubble and request to have the errors removed.

message=InternalServerError; errorCode=003100; statusCode=500:

This error, in general, indicates something with the connection between your HCP and your QuickBooks Online account, was interrupted, or not complete.  For these errors, you can just click REPROCESS.

If this error does not clear, and you see them successively, it's an indication that QuickBooks Online is not responding.  You will be able to REPROCESS them all after QuickBooks Online recovers.


This error indicates that the connection to QuickBooks Online was dropped when an operation tried to occur.  For these, you can simply click the REPROCESS button to clear.  If there are any errors with this message that will not clear, please open the blue chat bubble.

Validation failed: QuickBooks item has already been taken

This error indicates the item on your invoice is in QuickBooks Online, but not linked.  For these, you can simply click the REPROCESS button to clear the error and send the invoice to QuickBooks Online.

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