You already know how to create jobs with multiple segments or estimates with more than one option. But things change, so now you need to know how to delete these jobs/estimates. 

We'll run through how to delete a multi-segment job here. The process is nearly the same for estimates and jobs, other than this: with jobs the menu will say 'segment,' with estimates the menu will say 'option.' This will make more sense as we go.

Go to the job details page of the job you would like to delete. Click the wrench icon toward the top right of the page. 

A pop-up menu will appear, click on the first segment that you would like to delete. 

Another menu will appear. Click 'Delete Segment #X' to remove that segment. 

Continue this process until only one segment remains. Once you're at this point, click the wrench icon again. A new menu will appear. Select the last option, 'Delete Job.' 

A window will appear for you to confirm that you want to delete the job. Click 'delete' to confirm and you're all set. 

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