After you've created your estimate and sent it to your customer for approval, you can keep track of if the bid was approved and copy it to a new job once you get the green light. 

There are two ways for an estimate to be marked as approved in the system: by your customer or by you. 

Approval by Customer:
When the estimate is sent to your customer, they will receive an convenient email where they can approve the estimate by clicking the 'approve or decline estimate here' button.

This will bring them to the estimate where they can then click either 'approve' or 'decline.' Whatever option they choose will automatically update that estimate in Housecall Pro and send you an email notification.  

Approval by You:
If you need to manually mark the estimate, just go to the estimate details page. Click the 'approve' button along the top of the screen. 

A drop down menu will appear. Choose either 'approve estimate' or 'decline estimate' to record the quote properly. 

A confirmation window will appear, click 'confirm' in the bottom right. 

The approval status will be updated to reflect this information. 

Now the quote is ready to be copied over to a new job!

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