You can collect your customer's signature for an estimate approval in person,
right on your iPhone!

Follow these simple steps below.

1. Open the estimate details page

2. Tap the 'Approve' icon in the upper left corner

3. Tap 'Approve an estimate'

4. Your customer can use their finger to sign along the signature box. Then, click 'Done Signing

  • Your customer can access your Terms & Conditions by clicking the blue link below the signature box

5. Once the estimate has been approved, you will see the status change to 'Approved

  • To copy this information over to a job, click 'Copy To Job'

  • To view a customer's signature, click the 'Estimate' (paper airplane) icon and scroll to the bottom of the Estimate preview page

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How do I keep track of approved estimates

How do I keep track of which estimates have been approved?

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