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Copy Estimate to Job

Once your customer has approved an estimate, copy the information over to a new job/invoice and schedule the work to be completed.

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Once your customer has approved an estimate, you will need to create & schedule a new job/invoice for the work to be performed. 

To convert the estimate and carry all the information over into a brand new job, follow the steps below. 

2. Click 'Copy to Job

  • If you have multiple options, make sure you are on the correct option before clicking 'Copy to Job' 

3. To confirm, click 'Copy'

From here, you will be taken to the brand new invoice details page. 

Things to keep in mind 

  • The new job will need to be scheduled as the system will not assume the work is being done the same day as the estimate

  • The new invoice will not necessarily have the same number as the estimate (for example, estimate #50 can be invoice #2494) 

  • You can add or remove any services to the invoice as needed

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