Unschedule a Job or Estimate (Web Portal)

Remove/unschedule a job or estimate from your calendar in the web portal without deleting it completely.

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Things come up, sometimes customers need to reschedule an upcoming job but don't know what day or time works yet. 

You can easily unschedule the visit without deleting the entire invoice/estimate or included information. 

Below are the steps to unschedule from the web portal. 

Web Portal

1. Open the estimate/job detail page 

2. Click 'Undo' directly above the 'Schedule' icon 

3. Click 'Unschedule Job' on the pop up window to confirm

4. Once the job has been unscheduled, the 'Schedule' icon will become grey

Find your Unscheduled Job/Estimate: 

A) Click into the 'Unscheduled' section of your calendar 

  • To schedule, you can drag and drop the invoice box OR click on the box once to go to the job details page

  • Note: estimates will not be found in this section, you will need to locate those in your Estimates report (see C below)

B) Locate within the Customer Profile under 'Estimates' and 'Jobs'

  • You will see the Status as 'Unscheduled'

  • Click onto the estimate to access the estimate details page schedule

  • You will see the Status as 'Needs scheduling'

  • Click onto the job to access the job details page schedule

C) Search within Reports

  • From your Dashboard, click the SEE ALL JOB / SEE ALL ESTIMATES to access your job or estimates report

  • You can use the search bar (in the upper right corner) to search for the unscheduled job/estimate using the customer name, address, invoice number, etc. 

  • You can also filter the report by 'Job Status'. Simply click on the funnel at the top of the column and select 'Unscheduled' and click 'Apply' (see video below) 

  • To schedule, click on the invoice or estimate number and schedule through the details page (click on the 'Schedule' icon)

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