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How jobs and estimates end up in the 'Open work' section of the mobile app.

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The jobs and estimates in the 'Open Work' section will only appear on the dispatched employee's app. Owner/admins will not see their employee's open work, only their own.

The 'Open Work' report on the mobile app includes jobs/estimates that match any of the following: 

  • have been completed in the current calendar day (marked 'Finished')

  • are scheduled for the day (unless Field Tech permission to view entire schedule is disabled)

  • have 'On My Way' or 'Start' clicked, but not 'Finish'

This does not include unpaid or unscheduled jobs/invoices, those can be found in the 'Needs Attention' section (unless they match any of the above, they will appear in both). 

Click the number in the right corner of the section to view your open work.

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