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Multi-Day Jobs Appointments
Multi-day Job Appointments Overview
Multi-day Job Appointments Overview

Effectively manage and schedule jobs across multiple employees and days by creating multiple assigned appointments within 1 job.

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In this article, field and office employees/admins will learn how to use Multi-day Job Appointments. You may also take a quick product tour.

To use Appointments, make sure you complete these 2 steps:

  1. Confirm that all employees are on the latest version of the Housecall Pro mobile app. You can send "update" links to employees from the Appointments settings page if they are on an older version.

  2. Toggle the Appointments setting to 'on' on your Settings page (only users with Admin/Owner and Office Staff with permission to Update company info roles can turn Appointments on and off)

Table of contents:

Creating a new job

Adding multiple appointments on a single job will not complicate the process of creating a job with a single appointment (single visit). The flow of adding a new job remains almost unchanged. The only noticeable change is the name of the card. It will now say "Appointment" instead of "Schedule":

It is still possible to:

  • Create a job without a schedule (without any appointments)

  • Create a job with a schedule (with a single appointment)

Please note: It is still possible to schedule an unscheduled job by dragging it to the selected date and time from the unscheduled list next to the calendar.

Adding an appointment(s) to an existing job

When a job is created as a single job, or without any appointments, it is possible to add an appointment to the job by adding each appointment "one by one".

On Web, you can add appointments by either:

  • Clicking on the ADD APPOINTMENT blue button at the top of the page

  • Clicking on the ADD APPOINTMENT button visible in the new Appointments section of the job details page (please note that this section appears only when a first appointment is scheduled for the job)

How to see how many appointments are scheduled within a job:

You can see how many appointments have been added to a job by looking at the information below the ADD APPOINTMENT button at the top of the page, or by looking at the Appointments section of the job details page. If you'd like to see the details of each appointment (the date and time range, arrival window, and who is assigned to it), you can expand the Appointments section.

Please note: for an appointment to be created, it needs to have information about the date and time range, and at least 1 employee assigned.

What can I do with an appointment?

Reschedule an appointment

In order to change the date and time range:

Reassign an appointment

In order to assign an appointment to another employee:

  • Click the pencil icon next to the appointment you'd like to reassign, and then select employees that should be assigned to that appointment. Once the selection is changed as desired, click Save

Change arrival window of an appointment (currently available on web only)

In order to set an arrival window for each appointment:

  • Click the pencil icon next to the appointment you'd like to reassign (when clicked, calendar view as on job details will open)

  • Then click on Arrival window icon to the upper right corner of the screen and select desired option (if you'd like to save it as default, please remember to check the box on the bottom),

  • Finally, Click Done

Delete an appointment

In order to delete an appointment:

  • Click on three dots icon next to an appointment you'd like to delete and then choose Delete

  • Confirm you really want to delete the selected appointment

Sending OMW notifications for appointments

With appointments, you can send "On My Way" notifications multiple times on a single job.

To do this, either:

  • Click the OMW button at the top of the page

  • Then select the appointment where the OMW message should be sent

  • Indicate whether or not the customer notification should be sent.

  • Or you can click on three dots icon next to an appointment you'd like to send a notification for and choose Send OMW (you can also decide if the notification should be sent to the customer)

Please note that the timestamp of OMW notification at the top of the page will always present the time of selecting the first OMW for any of the appointments on the job.

Job status

Job and employee statuses (available on the mobile app) remain unchanged with the introduction of appointments.

How to unschedule a job?

As a concept appointments were created to hold information about time and date, therefore there is no way to have an appointment without this information. If there's a need to unschedule a job, all appointments have to be deleted or a new segment on a job could be created without adding date and time to it.

How are appointments displayed on the calendar?

Each appointment for a single job is visible on every calendar in Housecall Pro as a separate tile (this is because each appointment has a different date and time range).

In order to recognize which appointments are scheduled for the same job, you can hover over an appointment and look for job information or invoice number information. Invoice number information should be selected in the calendar display settings.

Each appointment is styled according to the job status, and based on the assigned employees - as described in this help article What do the different job, estimate, and event colors in the calendar mean?

How are appointments displayed on Google Calendar?

If you have integrated Google Calendar to sync jobs from Housecall Pro to Google Calendar (as described in this help article), all of the appointments created in Housecall Pro will be displayed in your connected Google account.

How are appointments displayed on Pipeline?

For Jobs that have more than one appointment scheduled, the information about the number and details of each appointment is displayed on respective Pipeline cards:

Appointments on the Housecall Pro Mobile App

The Housecall Pro Mobile App supports Multi-day Job Appointments functionality! You can display list of appointments and enjoy the ability to edit, add and delete appointments.

Appointments are prominently displayed at the top of the Job Details page. To edit an appointment, click the pencil icon. This will take you to a new screen where you can reschedule and make modifications.

To see a preview of all appointments created within a job, click the "View all" link in the Appointments section on the Job Details page. This action will show a list of all appointments associated with that job.

Online Booking and Multi-day Job Appointments

When checking for the availability of each employee, all appointments assigned to that employee are taken into account when using Online Booking.

How does Time Tracking work on a job with multiple appointments?

Time Tracking continues to work on the job level, so field techs clock in and out from a job every time they use the OMW and Start/Pause buttons.

Please note currently mobile users can send only one OMW notification for a job with multiple appointments. This limitation is not applicable on the web, so Admins/Office Staff can always send concurrent notifications if it's needed.

Does the Activity Feed show information about appointments?

Yes, information about changes made to appointments is saved in the Activity Feed. The following changes are being noted:

  • An employee was assigned to an appointment

  • The employee was re-assigned to an appointment

  • The employee was un-assigned from an appointment

  • The appointment schedule was changed

  • An appointment scheduled/re-scheduled notification was sent

  • Appointment OMW status was set and a notification was sent

How are the appointments displayed on the mobile app?

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