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How do I integrate with Google Calendar?

Learn how to push your jobs from Housecall Pro to your Google Calendar.

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Integrating with Google Calendar is easy! If you are logged into Google, please be sure it is the Google Calendar you want to integrate with Housecall.

Please note, the integration of Google Calendar requires web access to Housecall Pro, thus this feature is not available for Field Tech role employees.
To get started, click on the 9 dots 'My Apps' icon located at the top right of your dashboard. Select the 'Go to App Store' option located at the bottom of the app store drop down:

Scroll until you find the category section named 'Operations' and click 'Google calendar':

Once Google Calendar is clicked, a new screen is presented. Tap the disabled toggle located at the top right of the app details page to enable the App:

and then click the blue 'Connect' option located at the bottom right to get started:

The integration only works one way, meaning jobs created in the Housecall Pro calendar are synced to Google Calendar and not the other way around.

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