Change Invoice Due Date

Customize and set your invoice due dates to let your customers know when they need to pay.

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You have the option to choose the due date per invoice

set a global default for your company. 

To change the due date of an invoice: 

1. Open the job details page

2. Directly underneath the invoice number, next to 'DUE', click the due date in blue 

3. Select one of the following: 

  • Upon

  • Net

  • On a date

4. Each option comes with an additional step for customization:


  • Receipt - payment is due once the customer receives their invoice

  • Start of work - payment is due as soon as 'Start' is clicked on the job 

  • Completion of work - payment is due as soon as 'Finish' is clicked on the job 


  • 7, 10, 14, 30, 60, or 90 days

  • The net count will start on the day the invoice is first sent

On a date: 

  • Choose a specific due date 

  • The due date can be before or after the service or invoice date

5. Click 'Set as Default' in the lower left corner to apply the due date to all invoices moving forward

6. Click 'Done' to save

Your customer will see the due date on the attached PDF of the invoice email.

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