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Check Email Delivery Status

Check if emails sent to your customer have been successfully delivered or not.

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If you've sent an email and want to confirm that it's been successfully delivered to your customer, you can easily check the Activity Feed of the job details page.

**Be sure to double check the customer email address you have on file.**

NOTE: This does not include emails for Reviews.
Review emails can be found in the Activity section of the Reviews app.

1. Click into the job details page

2. Scroll down to the 'Activity Feed

3. If the email was NOT delivered successfully, it will appear in red. If the email was delivered successfully, the font will remain black. 

4. Click the arrow to the right for more information. At the bottom of this section, each action is listed and timestamped. 

  • The image below shows that the email was 'sent' at 12:41pm on 6/5/19

  • The email immediately 'dropped' (aka failed to send) at 12:41pm

  • The system attempted to send the email (1 time) 

  • Reason for failed delivery - bounced address (aka email address was not valid/real)

If the email was delivered successfully, the details will show when it was sent,
the time & date it was delivered, and if it has been opened,
and how many times (see below)

**NOTE: Some email providers do not share whether or not the email was opened and/or clicked.** 

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