1. Click on 'My Apps' on your navigation bar

2. Select 'Service Plans' from the drop down menu

3. To create a new plan, click the blue [+New Plan] button OR the '+' sign in the upper right corner of the 'Plans we offer' section  

4. In the pop-up, specify the following information:

  • Plan name 
  • Plan description - what services and benefits are included in this plan 
  • Service visits - Included the number of service visits per year (NOT total)
  • Plan duration
  • Total cost 
  • Check the billing cycles you'd like to make available for your customers

5. Setup Service plan to be payable by cash, check or other. Check the box next the the billing cycle that you would like this payment option assigned to. 

NOTE: If you do not setup your Service Plan to be payable by cash, check, other. That payment will not be available when you are accepting the service plan on behalf of the customer.

Use a Housecall Pro Recurring Service Plan Template 

6. Click 'Create Plan' to save

Click here to create a new Recurring Service Plan

Once you've created a recurring service plan, you can send it to your customers through their customer profile: 

Click here to learn how! 

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