1. Click on 'My Apps' on your navigation bar

2. Select 'Service Agreements' from the drop down menu

3. To create a new plan, click the blue [+New Plan] button OR the '+' sign in the upper right corner of the 'Plans we offer' section  

4. In the pop-up, specify the following information:

  • Plan name 
  • Plan description - what services and benefits are included in this plan 
  • Plan duration
  • Included the number of service visits per year (NOT total)
  • Total cost 
  • Check the billing cycles you'd like to make available for your customers

NOTE: If you set plan duration as 'Continues after customer cancels', there will ONLY be monthly, every 6 months, and yearly options.
There will be NO option for 'Total price' OR 'One time, upfront',

Use a Housecall Pro Recurring Service Plan Template 

5. Click 'Create Plan' to save

Once you've created a recurring service plan, you can send it to your customers through their customer profile: 

Click here to learn how! 

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