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Edit or Delete a Service Plan
Edit or Delete a Service Plan

How to edit or delete a Service Plan your company offers.

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  1. Open the Service Plans Dashboard from My Apps then Service Plans.

  2. Scroll down to Plans We Offer and click SEE ALL.

  3. Select the plan you wish to edit or delete.

  4. On the plan details page click the three vertical dots at the top right corner.

    To Edit a Service Plan

    Click Edit Service Plan. You will be lead through the same steps taken to create the Service Plan. Make any changes then click SAVE PLAN at the top right of the last page.

    NOTE: If this plan has already been added to customers the changes will only apply to plans added to customers in the future. All existing plans will remain the as they were when accepted/paid. If this plan is already in use you will see the banner below at editing.

    To Delete a Service Plan

    If the plan has not yet been added to any customers click Delete Service Plan, then click Delete.

    If the plan has been added to customers it cannot be deleted, only archived. Archiving a plan means it will no longer be available to add to customers nor will it be accessible from the Service Plans Dashboard, but it will still exist on the profiles of the customers that have already accepted/paid for this plan. Click Delete Service Plan. Type DELETE into the text box, then click ARCHIVE.

    NOTE: If you need to fully remove a Service Plan from your Housecall Pro, you will need to delete/cancel the plan from all customers it has been applied to before deleting the plan itself. Please see this guide for Delete or Cancel a Customer's Service Plan.

    For more information on Service Plans please see our Service Plans Collection or Service Plans FAQs.

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