Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Plan name: Plumbing maintenance plan

Plan description:

Maintenance plan include system check-ups performed at regularly scheduled intervals. During your maintenance visit, we will:

Locate & tag all emergency water shut-off valves
Check operation of toilets (includes dye testing)
Check fixtures & drains for leaks
Check exposed hot & cold water supply lines
Check faucets for leaks
Inspect washing machine hoses
Locate & inspect cleanouts
Pour water down floor drains
Plumbing maintenance plan also include the inspection of gas or electric water heaters.

Gas Water Heater

Check & clean main burner & pilot
Inspect flue pipe
Check for proper vent draft
Check for water leaks
Check emergency shut-off valve operation
Check water temperature
Check pressure & safety relief valves
Electric Water Heater

Check element operation
Check thermostat operation
Check condition of wiring
Check for water leaks
Check operation of emergency shut-off valves
Check temperature
Check pressure & safety relief valves
Check drain valve operation

Duration: 1 year

Included visits: 2 per year

Price: $199.95

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