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Superpro Code of Ethics
Superpro Code of Ethics

All Superpros uphold the Superpro Code of Ethics

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As a Housecall Pro representative, I promise to act professionally and to treat others in the community with respect, dignity, and compassion in all mediums of communication including both offline (events, in-person, meetups, etc.) and online (Facebook group, text, messenger, phone etc.). This community is inclusive of Housecall Pro employees, Housecall Pro users, Housecall Pro Certified Partners, and the entire industry of home service professionals. I will remember that I am not only representing myself, but the Housecall Pro brand including their vision and mission of helping good Pros become great Pros. 

As a Superpro, I will provide my constructive feedback during feature releases so that Housecall Pro can continue to improve new features before launching to the whole community. I will also act as resource and a voice to my community in sharing my successes and experiences with Housecall Pro when needed. 

Actions that are not aligned with the above agreement will result in exclusion from the group. This signature is inclusive of myself and any employees I may have to uphold ourselves to the Superpro Code of Ethics. 

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