What is Fundbox

  • Fundbox provides revolving lines of credit for small businesses that are super easy to use. 

  • Our goal is to simplify and improve the way that small businesses pay and are paid. Choose an amount to draw and see it in your bank account the next day.

How does Fundbox work?

1. Get a credit decision in under 3 minutes

  • Connect your accounting software or business bank account to give us insight into your business. Choose whichever represents your business performance best.

2. Funds right away

  • If approved, draw funds anytime. Funds transfer as soon as the next business day. Only pay when you draw.

3. Pay it back over time

  • Repay your draw plus a weekly fee over 12 or 24 weeks. Each week the amount you repaid (minus the fees) becomes available again. Repay early and we'll waive all the remaining fees.

Who can apply for Fundbox?

  • Anyone! 

How do I apply for Fundbox? 

  • In your 'My Money' section in the Settings side panel (click the gear icon to access)

  • Simply click 'Apply for Funding' 

Can I login to Fundbox with my Housecall Pro username and password? 

  • No, you will need to create a separate login for your Fundbox account so you can connect Fundbox to your bank or accounting software. 

Learn more about  Housecall Pro's new Fundbox feature!  

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