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U.S. Sales Tax FAQ
U.S. Sales Tax FAQ
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Per the South Dakota v. Wayfair United States Supreme Court decision, Housecall Pro is required to collect and pay sales tax in certain states.

Why am I being required to pay sales tax now even though I didn’t before?

If Housecall Pro previously provided you a tax-free service, and can no longer do so, our business operation has changed in your area.

Effective November 1, 2018, The United States Supreme Court ruled in South Dakota v. Wayfair that states can mandate that businesses collect and remit sales taxes in states when the business meets state-specific revenue and/or transaction volume thresholds, even if the business does not have physical presence in states.

What Housecall Pro products or services does sales tax apply to?

Applicable sales tax and the rate at which you are charged varies by state and local ordinance. For example, sales tax may apply to subscription fees as well as other Housecall Pro products and services such as activation fees, postcards, card readers, etc.

How can I update my company’s address?

The address listed within your Housecall Pro Company Profile determines your company's sales tax jurisdiction. Admins can update this information in Account Settings.

How much sales tax will my business be charged?

Sales tax charges are displayed in the Billing section within Account Settings. Sales tax will show as a line item, similar to an additional user. For example, if your state charges sales tax on subscription fees only, your monthly Housecall subscription is $100, and the sales tax rate in your area is 7.5%, then your monthly sales tax charge is $7.50.

South Carolina, for example, charges sales tax on software and website builder subscriptions, setup costs, and additional purchases such as postcards or card readers. It does not, however, charge sales tax on referral fees, credit card processing or Instapay

What if I am a tax exempt organization?

Please provide our team (via the Blue Chat Bubble) with your sales tax exemption form, and we will update your account accordingly.

Who do I contact for more information?

We recommend consulting with your local tax authority for the specific tax laws and rates in your area. For other questions, you may reach out to the Housecall Pro team via the Blue Chat Bubble.

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