How do I create a task?

Learn how to create, assign, and complete tasks from the web.

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The improvements outlined below are only available to beta users. If your task experience does not look like the below there are instructions further down.

1. Select your avatar in the top right corner and click on tasks

2. Select the task option from the menu

3. Select create task in the top right corner

4. Add your details and create a task


1. What tasks will my employees see?

Admins and office staff will see all tasks across the organization. Field techs will only be able to see tasks assigned to them in the mobile app.

2. How will I know I need to complete a task?

Push notifications are sent via the mobile app when a task is assigned to you. When you have tasks that are due today, you will receive an email reminder.

3. I am a service plan user and I do not want tasks automatically generated for me.

You can filter out your service plan tasks, but there is not currently a way to stop them from automatically generating.

To create a brand new task, follow the steps below. 

1. Click on your employee photo at the top right of the page and choose the 'Tasks' button

2. Click '+ New task'

3. Input the following information:

  • Name of the task

  • Description (if necessary)

  • Due date (if necessary)

  • Assign to an employee (if necessary) - if you do not assign to an employee, it will automatically be assigned to the person creating it

  • Add a customer (if necessary)

NOTE: Adding a customer only associates the task with the customer, it does NOT send the customer any notifications, or attach to their customer profile in any way

4. The task will autosave into your list 

  • If you need to delete/cancel creating the task, click the trash can icon.

  • Clicking the 'back arrow' or 'X' will still save the task

Things to know:

  • Once saved, you can view the activity feed for each task by first hovering over the task you want to view and clicking the Edit (pencil) icon. From there, select the drop down arrow on the bottom right side to view the activity feed for that task.

  • Filter out the view to see your tasks only by clicking the carrot next to 'All Tasks' at the top of the Tasks panel

  • Click the unchecked circle to mark the task as complete

  • Scroll down to view your completed tasks

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