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Create new customer profiles in Housecall Pro manually.

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Learn how to add a customer to your Housecall Pro account.

1. Click the blue [+NEW] button in the navigation bar

2. Select 'Customer

3. Contact info: 

Name, email address(es), phone number(s)

NOTE: The customer's cell phone number must be entered in the 'Mobile phone' section in order to receive text message notifications.

4. Address:

  • Start typing the address in the 'Street' section, select the correct address from the drop down list

NOTE: Be sure to select the address from the drop down menu so the proper time zone is set for the customer and jobs you schedule at that address.

  • Click '+Address' in the grey bar to add multiple addresses 

5. Notes:

Customer Notes: these are for internal use only. These act as a reminder or notice to yourself and or your employees 

Customer Tags: tags are internal identifiers that will remain attached to the customer until you edit or delete it.

'This customer bills to': this is where you will set up parent-child/sub-customer relationships. 

  • You will first need to create a customer profile for both parties. 

  • Then, in the sub-customer/child's profile, you will type in the name of the party being invoiced in this section and select from the drop down.

  • The sub-customer will receive the notifications, but the parent will be sent the invoice 

Notifications: checking this box will ensure your customers are notified when you or employees complete the following actions

  • When a job/estimate is scheduled

  • When 'On My Way' is clicked 

  • When you click 'Finished' on a job/estimate

  • When payment is made 

NOTE: Unchecking the box next to 'Receive notifications' will turn off all notifications for the customer

6. To save your new customer, click 'Create Customer'

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