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CompanyCam Integration Overview
CompanyCam Integration Overview

How to use the CompanyCam App with Housecall Pro

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CompanyCam is a must-have app when working with homeowners, subcontractors, and other crews. The photo + video capture tools, automatic organization, and easy annotations make communicating with every stakeholder painless.

What does this mean for you? Well, for starters, it means:

  • More organized jobs

  • Fewer work photos on your phone

  • Improved communication with clients

And that’s just scratching the surface!

CompanyCam is offering Housecall Pro customers a 14-day free trial and 50% off your first two months. Learn more and get started in the Housecall Pro App Store

Integrate CompanyCam + Housecall Pro

Note: You must have an active account with both CompanyCam and Housecall Pro in order to integrate the two services.

To start integrating the two you must have the user permission to "Manage Company Account." Don't have that ability? An Admin on your CompanyCam account can edit your permissions.

Ready to connect? Click here to learn how.

How the Housecall Pro Integration Works with CompanyCam

  1. Create a new Estimate or Job in Housecall Pro,

  2. Choose a previously created customer. A new project in CompanyCam will be made for that customer if one hasn't been already created.

  3. Or create a new customer, and add multiple addresses, if needed. Each address will have its own CompanyCam project created at that point.

  4. Save the Estimate or job in Housecall Pro and it will receive photos and documents added to the CompanyCam project.

Please Note

  • You can now have multiple CompanyCam projects created for the same Address.

  • You can not sync photos back to jobs created before the integration was set up. A new Estimate or Job must be created to make the link back to Housecall Pro.

  • CompanyCam Photos and Documents will sync to the ACTIVE Housecall Pro Estimate or Job.

    • Photos or documents added to a CompanyCam project will automatically sync to the active estimate or job linked to the project.

Here's a walkthrough of the integration:

1. Find the Customer Project in CompanyCam at the correct address and then add photos for the current Job.

3. All of the Jobs in Housecall Pro that are added for that Customer will be organized under the Customer's Project in CompanyCam. Photos and Documents will be added as attachments for the newest Housecall Pro job at that address. You can also edit the photo and add annotations. A copy of the photo will be sent to Housecall Pro each time an edit is saved in CompanyCam.

4. You'll see a link to the customer project at the bottom left of each Job just below Attachments.

* If you do not see the Attachments or CompanyCam link in the Job simply reload the page and they should become visible for you.

Creating a Project when you have an Existing Customer

If you're looking to create a project from existing customer information that was in Housecall Pro before you integrated with CompanyCam, you can use this simple process to push that information over:

  1. Go to the customer profile for the customer who needs a project created for them

  2. Select the pencil icon to edit Contact info

3. You can edit any information in their Contact info and then choose "Update". If you don't actually need to change any information, the simplest option would be to hit the + Email Button. You do not need to add an email address there, you simply need to click that button and then press "Update".

Known Limitations of Integration

1.Existing jobs on the schedule before integrating CompanyCam will not appear in CompanyCam. To get your pre-existing job to show up, simply edit the customer on that job (it could be as simple as hitting the +Email button). This change to the customer will trigger CompanyCam to update.

2. Recurring jobs will not function properly; only the most recent occurrence will show up as a project in CompanyCam.


For support with the CompanyCam integration, please email or chat with them on the web or mobile app.

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