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ResponsiBid Integration Overview
ResponsiBid Integration Overview

How to schedule bids in ResponsiBid that will show up in Housecall Pro

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ResponsiBid is a sales acceleration tool for window cleaning, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, and other home service companies that specialize in cleaning. Custom modules can be built for all service type industries.

How the integration works

ResponsiBid is an online quoting, follow-up and self scheduling tool that creates bids automatically from the inputs so the customer gets an instant bid. When a bid is scheduled in ResponsiBid, that will create a job within Housecall Pro.

When the job is scheduled in ResponsiBid, you can click on ‘View Job in Housecall Pro’ and you will be brought to your Housecall Pro Portal.

*IMPORTANT: After the job is scheduled in ResponsiBid, that job info will transfer over. However, if there are changes that occur in either ResponsiBid or Housecall Pro, the new information will not reflect on the corresponding app. If changes do occur, it’s best to delete that job in Housecall Pro and reschedule it from the ResponsiBid side, so that the information is accurate on both ends.

How to give a bid

How to schedule a job for Housecall Pro in Responsibid

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