Once you've created your tax rates, you can:

  • Make a service item always taxable (through price list settings)

  • Apply tax on individual invoices

PRICE LIST - Always Taxable Service Items 

This will default the service item to be taxable whenever added to an invoice 

1. Click into your 'Account Settings'

2. Select 'Price List

3. Click the 'Edit' icon (for existing service items)

4. Toggle on 'Taxable

  • Blue = On

  • Grey = Off

5. Click 'Save

NOTE: Once added to an invoice, you will need to select the tax rate to apply

The service item will now be pulled with the 'Tax' box checked any time you add it to an invoice. 

  • You can turn this off for individual invoices by unchecking the box


To add tax on an as needed basis:

  • Check the tax box next to the service item once in the invoice.

  • Select the tax rate you'd like applied from the drop down underneath the Subtotal line.  ⬆  (see video above) ⬆  

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