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Setup your company's Terms & Conditions to be included on emailed Estimates, Invoices, and when taking signatures in the field.

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Terms & Conditions can be used as rules a customer must agree to in order to use a service, a disclaimer, or as a way to protect your company in the event of a legal dispute. 

To setup your Terms & Conditions, follow the steps below. 

1. Click into your Account Settings

2. Click Company Profile in the upper left corner.

3. Scroll down and click the Edit icon to the right of Terms & Conditions.

4. Input your Terms & Conditions

5. Click SAVE when you've finished.

Once the Terms & Conditions have been updated, the link to access them will appear on emailed Invoices, Estimates, and when capturing signatures in the field.



Pro Note: The link to your Terms & Conditions is a live link meaning at any point that it is accessed it will show the information is currently in this space. If you need to make any changes to your Terms & Conditions we recommend saving the current version somewhere with a date and time stamp.

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