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company profile, update information about your company, add logo, setup tax rates

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Let's get the basics set. Your company profile is going to be where you enter your company info, set up your tax rates and set standard messages that will be seen on all documents.

Set up Company Info

Basic Company Information

Fill out your company information completely. Your business name, phone number, and address will appear on invoices and estimates to your customers.

Upload your logo by clicking on "Upload Logo."

Website & Support Email

Add your website and a support email address. The support email address is where any replies from your customers will be sent. SO be sure it is an email address that you are comfortable with your customers knowing and one you check frequently.

Business Profile & License Number

These are not displayed on invoices or estimates but customers using the Housecall customer app will see these displayed within the Housecall customer app.

Once you've filled out your information, hit SAVE. You can always come back and update this information later if it changes.


Terms and Conditions | Message on Invoice, Receipt, and Estimate

Terms & Conditions - Put your disclaimers, legal information or warranty info here. Your Terms & Conditions will show up as a clickable link on all electronic documents you send out and on the app in the field.

​Message on Invoice, Receipt and Estimate - Set up a message that shows up on the bottom of your invoice/estimate/receipt. You'll be able to customize individual messages later. This is just to get a standard message set up on your documents.

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