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HCP Reviews Widget
HCP Reviews Widget
Include your Housecall Pro reviews widget on your website for all your customers to see!
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Show off the great reviews you've earned in Housecall Pro on your company's website with a Housecall Pro Reviews widget! 

By clicking the reviews widget, you and your customers will be able to view your Housecall Pro reviews without leaving your site.

To include the widget on your website, you must have:

  • your own website 

  • online booking with the booking bar 

  • the Reviews app enabled 

NOTE: The review widget will NOT work with the online booking widget at this time, ONLY the online booking bar (pictured below). 

Once the above requirements have been fulfilled,
the widget will display on your website automatically
(on the right side, in the middle).

Just click the review widget and your reviews will slide out over your website so your customers are never taken away from your site.

Sharing Housecall Pro Reviews with Customers

While your overall rating will always include all reviews, you can choose which reviews are displayed in detail on your site in the web portal
(Reviews app > Settings > Configure visibility of reviews > reviews filter)

If you DO NOT want the widget on your website: 

1. Go to your Reviews 'Settings'

2. Click 'Configure visibility of reviews'

3. Select 'No Reviews'

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