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Schedule Service Plan Visits

Service plan visits can be scheduled from the jobs page, service plan details page or the service plan dashboard.

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There are 3 easy ways to schedule your service plan visits. Be sure to enable your automatic scheduling reminders so your customers will reach out to you to schedule their next maintenance.

  1. Linking the service plan visit from the job page.

  2. Schedule a new service plan visit or attach a current or past invoice from the service plan details page.

  3. Easily schedule new service plan visits from the service plan dashboard.

Linking Service Plan Visits to Jobs

  1. Create a job for a service plan customer

  2. Notice the service plan details on the right and top of the job page

  3. Use the + service plan visit to select which visit to attach to the job

  4. A line item with the visit and plan name will be created so you can easily track your visits on your invoices

  5. Save job

Schedule from the Service Plan Details Page

  1. Go to the customer's profile and select the Service Plan below their address.

  2. From their Service Plan details scroll down to the Visits.

  3. The calendar icon will create a new job that will be linked to the service plan visit.

  4. The edit icon will allow you to mark the visit as completed and attach a previous job to the service plan visit.

Schedule from the Service Plan Dashboard

  1. Go to My Apps and select Service Plans.

  2. From the Service Plans Dashboard scroll down to the Unscheduled Visits table. Visits will appear here in chronological order. If visits from months prior have gone unscheduled they will appear at the top of this list view.

  3. To access the full list of Service Plan Visits click VIEW ALL at the top right.

  4. To schedule a visit from either list view hover over the customer's row and a calendar icon will appear to the right.

  5. Click the Calendar Icon.

For more information on Service Plans please see our Service Plans Collection or Service Plans FAQs.

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