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Service Plan Scheduling Suggestions

Optimized scheduling suggestions based on location for service plan visits.

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When scheduling service plan visits, optimal times for scheduling will be provided on the schedule page. These suggestions are based on proximity to other jobs on your calendar so you can minimize drive time and maximize efficiency.

1. Create a job for a service plan visit

Visit this help article for more ways that you can create a service plan visit.

2. Smart scheduling suggestions will automatically appear on the right side of the schedule.

Scheduling suggestions are based on a 1 hour visit within the next 7 days with any available technician.

3. Adjust duration of visit, date range or technician to receive more optimized scheduling suggestions.

4. Save & schedule service plan visit.


  • Why does the distance between the closest job seem shorter than I would expect?

    • Distance between jobs is currently calculated based on "how the crow flies" and not specific drive time.

  • Why did not receive any scheduling suggestions based on location to other jobs on my schedule?

    • There might not be any availability on your schedule.

    • Try adjusting your search

  • How do I dismiss the suggestions?

    • Clicking on the suggested times button will dismiss the suggestion widget for this job and future jobs. To see suggestions in the future, click the button again.

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