Service Plan Renewals

How to renew a customer's service plan.

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Renewing Your Customer's Service Plan

For plans eligible for renewal, use the RENEW button on the customer service agreement details page.

  • Renew to current plan template = will renew the service plan the current plan template and the details of the existing agreement. The plan template cannot be changed after this selection is made.

  • Renew to new plan template = will renew the service plan to any plan template.

  • If a renewal has already been started for this plan, the renew button will take you to the new service plan.

Confirm the details of your renewal.

  • Once a template is selected, select the relevant service plan details.

Send your renewal to your customer or checkout for the new service plan.

  • SEND TO CUSTOMER will email your customer the details of their service plan renewal. Your customer will need to confirm the details of their plan and enter payment information. The plan now be in a pending renewal status.

  • FINISH & PAY will require payment information for the service plan to become active.

  • If there was a credit card on file for the previous plan, you or your customer will be able to use the card on file to pay for the new service plan.

Once the plan has been renewed, the original agreement will be in a renewed status. The new plan will be in an active status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plans are eligible for renewals?

  • Any plan with a set duration that has already been renewed

What do the different plan statuses mean for my renewals?

  • Pending renewal = service plan draft is created and is pending renewal

  • Expiring soon = service plan is set to expire in the next 30 days and has not already been renewed

  • Renewed = service plan has been renewed (there is an active child agreement)

  • Expired = service plan has expired and not been renewed

How does this affect my automatic renewal reminders?

  • Follow these instructions to set up your automatic renewal reminders

  • Use these reminders to set and forget your renewals.

  • A renewal will automatically be generated based on the settings for renewal reminders.

  • These plans can be found in the pending renewal status.

Why would I want to renew to a different plan template?

  • If you offer a one year free maintenance plan, you could use this feature to renew a customer to a paid plan.

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