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Converting Images to PDF Format
Converting Images to PDF Format

Change a JPG or PNG file to PDF for dispute evidence submission.

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Now that you've read all about the dispute process, you know that only one document can be submitted for evidence. 

If you are combining more than one piece of evidence to submit, you'll need to first convert the image to a PDF file using this website (click here), since the evidence submission form only allows for PDFs with multiple pages, not images. 

Once on the JPG to PDF website

1. Click Upload Files

2. Select the image(s) you'd like converted and click 'Open'

3. Once the files have completely uploaded, you'll click 'Combined' at the bottom to download the newly format documents

  • The newly formatted documents will appear in the downloads section of your web browser and/or computer 

***NOTE: JPG to PDF is a free website that we have no affiliation with. If you have a different website you'd like to use, or are familiar with converting these type of files using your computer, feel free to use your preferred method.***

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