Sales Proposal Tool (v1)

Present & send customers their estimate options using the sales proposal tool.

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We've rebuilt the Sales Proposal Tool! The new updates will allow you to quickly create and present enhanced presentation views of multiple proposal options from either the web or mobile apps directly from an estimate.


To access a list of all your created sales proposals:

  1. Click 'My Apps

  2. Select 'Sales proposal tool'


  • To get started, click the blue [+NEW] button and select 'Proposal'

  • To select an existing customer, type their name in the customer field 

  • To create add a new customer, click [+New Customer]

  • Click [Next] once you've selected the customer

  1. Estimate/proposal number: use this number to locate the customers proposal in the sales proposal report or estimate report

  2. Status: Draft (if the proposal has not been sent to the customer), Sent (emailed to the customer, Approved (if an option has been approved), Declined (if all options have been declined)

  3. Title: which can be edited simply by clicking the field

  4. Edit service address: the service address for the proposal can be changed by clicking the edit icon to the right of the current customer address

  5. Upload Image: click to upload an image OR edit the existing image

  6. Edit option title: 

  7. Edit Service: click to add or edit the services for an option

  8. Add option: click any grey option to add it to your proposal 

  9. Present: Click to open and present the proposal to your customer in person

  10. Send: Send the proposal to your customer

  • To add or edit a description, click the 'Edit' icon next to the blue lines (see below)


  • Click 'Present' (#9 above)

  • To view the details of any option, click 'View Option'

  • Service item and pricing details for the option can be viewed & APPROVED or DECLINED by the customer directly on this page

NOTE: Once one option has been accepted, all others will be declined. 

  • To return to the main proposal page, click the back arrow in the upper left corner

***PLEASE NOTE: Once a customer has ACCEPTED a proposal option (in present mode OR via email), an invoice will automatically be created and can be found by clicking into the proposal.*** 


Before sending the proposal to your customer, you have the option to customize the proposal settings (similar to invoice settings).

  • Click the dots above the page to scroll through & preview the options

  • To print the proposal, click the printer icon

  • Click 'Next' once you've selected your settings

Before you click to [SEND] the proposal, you can edit:

  •  the customer email address

  • email subject line

  • message sent in the proposal email 

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