You can easily change your Housecall plan from the billing page.

From your account dashboard:

  • Click on the User Icon in the upper right hand corner
  • Select Account Settings
  • Select BILLING

Your current plan will be displayed along with any add ons and the monthly or annual spend.

  • Click CHANGE PLAN to view the other plan options available
  • Select CHOOSE PLAN under the plan you want to upgrade to: 

Please note: to upgrade to the XL plan, please click Contact us

There are 3 levels of XL plan:

First tier: $299 XL is capped at 10 users
Second tier: $499 XL is capped at 30 users
Third tier: $899 is unlimited users

  • Click NEXT

Review the plan changes, add any necessary additional users, and any features not already included with the plan you have selected. 

  • Press NEXT again 

Lastly, you can change the billing cycle you would like in the top left corner, or skip that step.

  • Click UPDATE PLAN to officially upgrade to the new plan

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