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Why hasn't my invoice or payment pushed to QuickBooks Online?
Why hasn't my invoice or payment pushed to QuickBooks Online?

Where is my invoice? It's not in QuickBooks Online, but it should be.

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An invoice will be created over on QuickBooks Online under any of the following conditions:

A) job is marked finished in HouseCall Pro
B) Invoice sent to the customer through HouseCall Pro
C) Any payment is marked on the job in HouseCall Pro 

Once the initial invoice has been created, it will be updated any time you make a change and save the invoice moving forward. 

If you have done one of those steps, and are still not seeing it in QuickBooks Online, the first thing you will need to do is check the Quickbooks Errors. This is located in the upper right hand corner and looks like a bell symbol.

The system activity will explain the exact reason that the invoice was unable to process to QuickBooks Online. Click on the link of the invoice to make the required updates. Once the correction has been made, you will need to then reprocess the invoice to send it to Quickbooks.

HouseCall Pro Tip

If you don't see an error for that invoice, or if the error is not one you can correct, please contact the HouseCall Pro Customer Success team through the blue chat bubble.

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