QuickBooks Online duplicate credit memo error

HouseCall Pro invoice has the same number as a QuickBooks Online credit memo

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Error Typer: Duplicate credit memo error

Error Message: The invoice number on the job is already being used by a credit memo in QuickBooks Online.

Description: These errors occur when HouseCall Pro attempts to sync a job/invoice (with a specific invoice number) to QuickBooks Online, and there is a Credit Memo with the same number already in QuickBooks Online. This error can be tough to understand, especially if you'r not in QuickBooks Online on a daily basis.

To keep a very long story as short as possible, the invoice number you see on your job in HouseCall Pro always needs to match the invoice number for that same job in QuickBooks Online, and that number should to be unique in both places.

As an example, you can’t have two invoices in HouseCall Pro both numbed 1157, and similarly in QuickBooks Online you shouldn’t have two invoices, or in this case an invoice and a credit memo, both number 1157.

Ordinarily this is not a problem, every-time HouseCall Pro creates a new job it will take that last invoice number used and add one, going from 1156->1157->1158 and so on. Because all of your invoices start in HouseCall Pro and then are pushed over to QuickBooks Online, the invoice numbers are unique there as well. Now, from time to time, your bookkeeper or accountant will need to enter a credit memo in QuickBooks Online.

Because QuickBooks Online increases its credit memo numbers in the same way HouseCall Pro increases its invoices, 1156->1157->1158, QuickBooks Online will assign the new credit memo the bookkeeper or accountant crated the same invoice number as the next job you create in HouseCall Pro. When HouseCall Pro then tries to send the job you created over, you get an error.


QuickBooks Online:

Solution 1 (suggested): Change the invoice number in HCP.

Simply click directly on the invoice number, and adjust it to a higher number. If you use this solution, keep in mind that you should only increase the invoice number 1157 → 1158 for example. Additionally, the new number the you enter for the invoice number will be the one that HouseCall Pro will add to for the next invoice. For example, if we changed the invoice below from 1157 to 2000 then the next time we created a job/invoice HouseCall Pro will automatically create it as invoice 2001.

Before Updating anything in QuickBooks Online, please discuss the change with your bookkeeper or accountant, they may have customized your QuickBooks account in ways of which you are unaware.

Solution 2: Change the credit memo number in QuickBooks Online.

It is very important the you speak to your bookkeeper or accountant before changing a QuickBooks Online credit memo number, they will need to make some adjustments in QuickBooks Online after you have finished. Please only change the credit memo number in QuickBooks Online if it is absolutely necessary.

After you sign into your QuickBooks Online account click on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of your screen and type in the credit memo number, and click on the credit memo.

Change the credit memo number

And click save.

Pro Tip: If you choose to change the credit memo number in QuickBooks Online keep in mind that you will need to manually adjust the invoice number the next time you create a new QuickBooks Online invoice in order to reestablish sequential invoices.

Reprocessing QuickBooks Online Errors

From the QuickBooks Sync center move your mouse over the error you wish to reprocess. On the right hand side of your screen you will see a circle with an arrow in it (see below).

Once you click that button HouseCall Pro will start the process of reprocessing the error. You may be prompted to provide HouseCall Pro with additional information depending on the type of error you are reprocessing, but this will typically be asking fairly simple questions. Once you have clicked the reprocess button, and dealt with any popups, the error will disappear from your QuickBooks Sync center. No further actions is necessary, congratulations, you have resolved the error.

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