Errors involving the Service Plan Invoice

Errors with Service Agreements and QuickBooks Online

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Error Type: Duplicate Invoice Error, or Duplicate Credit Memo Error.

Error Message:

  • Invoice error: The invoice number on the service plan payment is already being used by an invoice in QuickBooks Online

  • Credit Memo error: The invoice number on the job is already being used by a credit memo in QuickBooks Online.

Description: Errors involving the Service Plan Invoices and QuickBooks Online, are very simple to explain, but typically require a bookkeeper of accountant to fix. Very simply, just like jobs create an invoice to be sent to QuickBooks Online, Service Plans also create an invoice to be sent to QuickBooks Online. If HouseCall Pro tries to send over a Service Plan invoice to QuickBooks Online, but QuickBooks Online already has an invoice or a credit memo with that same invoice number, QuickBooks Online will reject the Service Plan invoice, and you will see one of the above errors.

Unlike the relatively simple what of these errors, the why of these errors is more complicated. Without diving too deep into the inner workings of QuickBooks Online, you, your bookkeeper, or your accountant may have very easily, and completely inadvertently created a QuickBooks Online invoice or credit memo that would cause this error.

Because the issue starts in QuickBooks Online, the solution to these errors needs to take place on the QuickBooks Online side as well. Please have you bookkeeper or accountant read the instructions below so that they can resolve the issue.

NOTE: Because it will involve changing an invoice/memo number in QuickBooks Online, it is strongly recommended that this task be left to your bookkeeper or accountant.

Please be aware, this solutions requires changes to be make in QuickBooks Online, please speak to you bookkeeper or your accountant so that the two of you can decide how best to move forward.

Solution: An invoice or credit memo was created in QuickBooks Online, and that invoice/credit memo is what is causing the error.

From your QuickBooks Online overview screen, click on the magnifying glass, and type the letters RSA.

This search will pull up your most recent invoices and credit memos that fall into the Service Plan invoice numbering sequence. More likely than not, the most recent invoice/credit memo, in the case above RSA-6, will be what is causing the error. Please click into the appropriate invoice/credit memo and renumber it appropriately so that it no longer falls within the Service Plan invoice numbering sequence. Please note, the Service Plan invoice numbering sequence runs parallel to the jobs invoice numbering sequence in HouseCall Pro. Because both these sequences are syncing into your QuickBooks Online account, and because QuickBooks Online will automatically assign new manually created invoices and credit memos the next number in whichever sequence was last used, or in this case was last synced into QuickBooks Online, please take a moment when manually creating invoices and credit memos to make sure that they are not in the RSA numbering sequence so as to avoid these errors in the future. Once you have made the necessary adjustments in QuickBooks Online, please reprocess the error.

Reprocessing QuickBooks Online Errors

From the QuickBooks Sync center move your mouse over the error you wish to reprocess. On the right hand side of your screen you will see a circle with an arrow in it (see below).

Once you click that button HouseCall Pro will start the process of reprocessing the error. You may be prompted to provide HouseCall Pro with additional information depending on the type of error you are reprocessing, but this will typically be asking fairly simple questions. Once you have clicked the reprocess button, and dealt with any popups, the error will disappear from your QuickBooks Sync center. No further actions is necessary, congratulations, you have resolved the error.

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