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HCP customer is linked to the wrong QuickBooks Online customer

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Error Typer: Linked customer match error

Error Message: We found a customer in QuickBooks with the name (John Smith) that is already linked to a customer in HouseCall Pro, (John Smith).

Description: These errors occur when you crate a new customer in HouseCall Pro with the same name as an already existing HouseCall Pro customer. Usually this happens when a customer calls in and you create a new customer for them even though they are already in your database. This happens a lot when a customer call from a new/different phone number then they typically use, or they tell your scheduler that they are a brand new customer even though you were just out at their house last month.

The other main cause of these errors is when you have two customers with exactly the same name, maybe John Smith of 123 Main St. has been you customer for years, but yesterday a different John Smith calls in needing to book an appointment with you. There are any number or reasons why a new(duplicate) customer might get created, but fortunately it is easy to fix.

There is one additional case where this error can occur, you have a HouseCall Pro customer that is connected to the incorrect QuickBooks Online customer. If this is the case for you, please skip down to solution number 4.

Before we get to how we fix these errors please note, keep in mind for this specific error to occur at least one of the HouseCall Pro customers, needs to be linked to a customer in your QuickBooks Online account.

Solution 1: Change the name of one of the customers, consider choosing a unique name. Before making any changes, please be sure to consider which system should have the most up to date information.

Solution 2: If they are the same customer and a duplicate was made by mistake, consider merging the customers.

Solution 3: If customers have separate addresses, but are still in fact the same customer, consider creating a parent-child relationship. NOTE: add parent customer to the ‘this customer bills to’ field on the child customer.

Once the customer has been updated, reprocess the error.

Solution 4 - Only use this solution if you customer in HouseCall Pro is connected to the incorrect customer in QuickBooks Online: The most important thing to keep in mind when using this solution is that once a HouseCall Pro customer is linked to a QuickBooks Online customer, that HouseCall Pro customer must ALWYAS be linked to a QuickBooks Online customer. We can change the QuickBooks Online customer (See Below), but there must always be a QuickBook Online customer attached to that HouseCall Pro Customer.

Before we can change the QuickBooks Online customer that the HouseCall Pro customer is linked to, we have to make sure there is a QuickBooks Online customer to change it to. If you are having difficulty determining if you have a QuickBooks Online customer available, please talk to you bookkeeper or accountant, they are in the best position to help you. If you need to create a new QuickBooks Online customer you can do that directly from HouseCall Pro.

Once you know which QuickBooks Online customer you want your HouseCall Pro customer linked to, all that is left to do is change the link in HouseCall Pro. Simply go to the customer profile for the customer in question,

and scroll down until you the QuickBooks Online Tile.

From there simple click 'Edit Customer Link', and choose the QuickBooks Online customer you want this HouseCall Pro customer linked to.

If you do not have the correct customer in QuickBooks Online, simple type out the complete customer name in the search bar, and click Create and link and fill in the necessary information.

Reprocessing QuickBooks Online Errors

From the QuickBooks Sync center move your mouse over the error you wish to reprocess. On the right hand side of your screen you will see a circle with an arrow in it (see below). Once you click that button HouseCall Pro will start the process of reprocessing the error. You may be prompted to provide HouseCall Pro with additional information depending on the type of error you are reprocessing, but this will typically be asking fairly simple questions. Once you have clicked the reprocess button, and dealt with any popups, the error will disappear from your QuickBooks Sync center. No further actions is necessary, congratulations, you have resolved the error.

Additional Help

Changing Customer Names (In HouseCall Pro)

When you update a customers name in HouseCall Pro, it is important that you update the first and last name fields, as well as the QuickBooks Display Name. If you forget to update the QuickBooks display name, you will not see the new name in your QuickBooks customer list.

Note: if you need to update things like phone number or email, you can do that by simply updating or adding to the appropriate field, name are the only things that need to be updated in two places.

Changing Customer Names (In QuickBooks Online)

Before Updating anything in QuickBooks Online, especially customer information, please discuss the change with your bookkeeper or accountant, they may have customized your QuickBooks account in ways of which you are unaware.

After you have logged into your QuickBooks Online Account click Sales → Customers. Then click on the customer who’s name you want to change, and once that customer’s page has loaded, click edit on the upper right hand side. If you are having trouble finding the edit button look for the big green New Transaction button, edit is just to the left. You will then change the first and last name, as well as the display name.

Note: If you only change the first and last name, and not the display name, you will continue to see the original customer name in you customer center.

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