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How to Resolve Common QuickBooks Errors
An employee was found in QuickBooks with the same name as this customer
An employee was found in QuickBooks with the same name as this customer

QuickBooks Online customers with the same name as employees

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Error Typer: Name already taken error

Error Message: A employee was found in QuickBooks with the same name as this customer.

Description: These errors occur when a you create a customer in HouseCall Pro with the same name as an already existing employee in QuickBooks Online. These errors are not common, due to the limited number of employees you have compared to you customer base, but they still popup from time to time.

On a basic level, QuickBooks Online requires all employees, vendors, and customers to have unique names. This becomes and issue, and you get this error, when an employee (someone you pay) needs to pay you for something. For example, an employee is buying a piece of equipment from you, or needs the company to do some work on their house so that it can be covered by insurance. Or when you have a new client who happens to have the same name as one of your employees. Perhaps John Smith has worked at your company for years, and then last week a new customer called and his name also happened to be John Smith.

The specifics of why this error occurred are less important here all that really maters is that QuickBooks Online will not allow you to have a customer and an employee with the exact same name.

The customer in HouseCall Pro

and the employee in QuickBooks Online

Solution: Change the name the customer in HouseCall Pro so that it is unique across both HouseCall Pro and QuickBooks Online. Once you have updated the name, reprocess the error.

Reprocessing QuickBooks Online Errors

From the QuickBooks Sync center move your mouse over the error you wish to reprocess. On the right hand side of your screen you will see a circle with an arrow in it (see below). Once you click that button HouseCall Pro will start the process of reprocessing the error. You may be prompted to provide HouseCall Pro with additional information depending on the type of error you are reprocessing, but this will typically be asking fairly simple questions. Once you have clicked the reprocess button, and dealt with any popups, the error will disappear from your QuickBooks Sync center. No further actions is necessary, congratulations, you have resolved the error.

Additional Help

Changing Customer Names (In HouseCall Pro)

When you update a customers name in HouseCall Pro, it is important that you update the first and last name fields, as well as the QuickBooks Display Name. If you forget to update the QuickBooks display name, you will not see the new name in your QuickBooks customer list.

Note: if you need to update things like phone number or email, you can do that by simply updating or adding to the appropriate field, name are the only things that need to be updated in two places.

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