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How to coordinate invoice numbers between Housecall Pro and QuickBooks Online
How to coordinate invoice numbers between Housecall Pro and QuickBooks Online

Whether you are having an issue with invoice numbers not matching up or you haven't even connected QuickBooks Online to HCP yet

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Scenario 1: You haven't connected QuickBooks Online and HCP yet

If you haven't connected Housecall Pro and QuickBooks Online just yet, it's important that you check your invoice numbers in QuickBooks Online. Identify the highest invoice number you have. In Housecall Pro you will then need to create a job and change that invoice number to match whatever the next highest invoice number would be in QuickBooks Online. The video below will show you how.

Scenario 2: You are having an issue with invoice numbers not matching up between HCP and QuickBooks Online

If you have already connected Housecall Pro and QuickBooks online and have been using either Housecall Pro or QuickBooks for invoicing it's critical that you get your invoice numbers straightened out to prevent future errors.

What is causing the issue?

From the moment you connect Housecall Pro and QuickBooks Online the integration starts working behind the scenes. The integration is one direction meaning that when you do an invoice in Housecall Pro we push that over and create the invoice in QuickBooks Online. Issues with invoice numbering emerge when you invoice out of QuickBooks Online after connecting the two systems.

When you create invoices in QuickBooks the invoice numbering count continues, invoice 1,2,3 and so on. But those invoices don’t push into Housecall Pro. When you then create an invoice in Housecall Pro our numbering does the same thing 2,3,4. When we push them to QuickBooks Online, an error occurs because an invoice #4, let's say, already exists for a different customer in their system.

How do I fix this?

You have to fix the invoice numbers in Housecall Pro so that these invoices have an invoice number that is not already in your QuickBooks online account

First, from within QuickBooks Online, navigate to Invoicing so that you see a list of all invoices. Sort these by invoice number with the arrow pointing down so that its highest to lowest. We need to determine the highest or biggest invoice number you have in QuickBooks.

Write this number down.

Second, open up Housecall Pro. If you have multiple errors you will need to do the following steps for each one. Start with the lowest invoice number. Go to your QuickBooks errors and click into the invoice.

Where you see the invoice number in blue, click here. You will see a pop up where you'll be able to change the invoice number.

Look at the number you wrote down from QuickBooks Online. You want to change this invoice number to be the next number in the sequence.

Third, reprocess the error so that the invoice can be resent to QuickBooks online.

How do I avoid these errors going forward?

To avoid these issues going forward, it’s critical that you do not create invoices in QuickBooks. Housecall Pro will create the invoice with the correct numbering in your QuickBooks account once the job has been marked finished, you send an invoice or you mark it paid. All three actions will trigger the integration to push that invoice into QuickBooks Online.

Make sure that anyone who has access to your QuickBooks Online account understands that they must not create invoices in QuickBooks Online. These invoices can only be created in Housecall Pro.

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