Advanced Reporting

Learn how to analyze your advanced reports and a few tips & trick on how to leverage this data for your staff and customers

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Advanced Reporting Breakdown

Things to keep in mind:

  • Advanced reporting is based off of Payment Dates

  • Switching to Completion Date will still only show jobs that have also been paid during that range but also narrows it down to just those jobs that were both paid and finished during the date range

  • When looking at a date range in advanced reporting, the range will go from 12:00am the date of the start date to 11:59 of the day BEFORE the end date

  • Example of this: I set the date range to Jan 1, 2020 to Jan 7, 2020. The data from Jan 7 is NOT included in the data set

  • So, set the end date to one day AFTER the day you want included in your date range

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