Check out this help article to learn how to access your inbox on Web and Mobile.

Advanced Chat Features available on Web and Mobile

  • This feature will allow you to send messages within the customers channel that are only viewable by your team. The customer will not be able to see these messages.

  • If a message is in yellow, that signifies that the customer CANNOT see that message.

Activity Feed

  • You can see any event that occurs regarding a customer's profile such as a job that is scheduled, completed, or paid. These activity updates are viewable right within your chat with the customer.

  • The activity feed tells you what those events are, when they happen, and who's involved.

  • This will provide you a holistic audit trail of everything that has happened on that customer's profile.

@ Mentions

Pros will now be able to mention employees within their channel. Anyone outside the channel will have to be added to the channel first.

  • You can now tag specific employees in your messages

  • You can do this for both normal messages and internal notes

  • You can distinguish mentions because they will be highlighted

Emoji Reactions

Pros will now be able to react to messages with emojis!

  • You can react to employee messages in any channel/ workspace

  • You can do this for both normal messages and internal notes

  • You cannot react to customer messages. You will only be able to react to employee messages.

By clicking on the smily face icon with the + button, a panel of reactions will appear. If you click on the additional smily face icon with the + button, a broader selection of reaction emojis will pop up.

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