HCP Assist - Post-call Inbox FAQ

Learn more about how you will receive your post-call messages when you are signed up for HCP Assist

Written by Kat Gonzales-Earhart
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Where will I see the post-call inbox?

You will receive the post-call messages under the employee section in your Housecall Pro inbox.

How often will I receive messages in post-call inbox?

You will receive a message at the end of each call that an Assist agents takes. You will also receive an SMS notification if there is an action required from you on a particular call.

Who on my team will see post-call inbox and action-required SMS messages? How do I make changes to my recipient list?

Your primary Admin and anyone else you specify will receive both post-call inbox and action-required SMS messages. Please chat into the blue bubble and request for an HCP Assist customer support specialist to add or remove employees to your post-call inbox recipient list.

How can I turn on/off web or mobile notifications for post-call inbox?

You will always receive an SMS notification for post-call messages that require an action from you, and you will always see a blue circle next to inbox when you have unread chats, but if you wish to receive desktop toast notifications, or mobile push notifications when you have a new post-call message, follow these instructions:

There are too many notifications in web/mobile app. Will I miss messages that require an action from me?

We will send you an SMS notification that you have received a post-call message that requires an action from you so you never miss a time-sensitive message from HCP Assist. SMS notifications can not be toggled off at this time.

Can I respond to these messages in inbox?

Yes, you can respond to post-call messages in your inbox and an HCP Assist Customer Service Specialist (CSS) will resolve any questions you may have.

Can I reply to a specific post-call message?

This is not yet available in our chat feature so you cannot reply to one particular post-call message. You can instead reply in the chat and reference the specific customer name/number or other identifier when chatting with HCP Assist.

Can I start a new chat with HCP Assist?

No, you cannot start a new chat with HCP Assist. You must use the chat with post-call messages to communicate with HCP Assist.

Can I @mention HCP Assist or other employees in the chat?

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