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Learn how to share your referral link with other companies

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Do you have companies that you know of not using Housecall Pro, and think they could benefit from using it or have let you know they are interested in Housecall Pro?

The easiest way to accomplish this is to go through your referral link. You can get this link from both the website and the mobile app.


When logged in on the website, click on your icon in the far top right corner. Then on the drop-down, you will see Share the love. Click on that link.

On the next page, there are several ways to share your link.

  1. URL link you can copy and paste to share with the companies who are interested

  2. Recommended contacts from Housecall pro

  3. Contacts in your google account

  4. Share the link on your Facebook page

  5. Enter in the email of the inquiring pro so they are sent an email link.


For both iOS and Android apps, you would first go to the more tab on the app, and then you should be able to locate the share and earn button.


Thanks for spreading the word.

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